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Mobizen is certainly a must-have application, and here’s why. Just imagine that you are given full control over everything in your Android tablet or phone remotely from a computer. You know, all you need for the connection is either a USB cable or wireless network access. In order to connect two of your devices, you have to have an available WiFi network or use the services of your mobile data carrier. With Mobizen, you get plenty of goodies like recording your screen without root, transferring files, and taking screenshots. To learn more about its awesome advantages, just read the full review.

Snapsave for Snapchat is a cool replacement app for one of the most popular photo-sharing social networks of this year. Why does it replace it? Well, it does exactly the opposite as Snapchat – in the application you can save the snap without notifying the sender that you’ve saved that picture.


  • Screenshot users’ pictures on Snapchat without them even knowing
  • Save users’ Snapchat videos and photos easily


  • Downloaded only directly from the official website, not from Google Play
  • No Snapchat filters
  • Text input on the chat screens should be improved

Blend: The Game is quite an interesting logic puzzle game where you simply need to mix and match different colors to eliminate blocks. You have it on Google Play. If you love playing games like this, just read this review. And you can download it straight away, because it’s completely free for users.


  • Unlock achievements and earn power-ups
  • Seemingly simple, but difficult in practice


  • Rather limited
  • Only mildly fun
  • Not enough incentives or/and power-ups




Myonix is quite a simple workout diary application that is nevertheless really useful. You can choose various exercises in the list and include them in your virtual notebook. Also, there are options for customizing the intensity level, setting workout duration, adding notes, and syncing data online. To find out if Myonix is a good workout companion for you, read this review!


  • Very simple and intuitive workout diary app
  • A lot of exercises with muscle group breakdowns and illustrations


  • A bit limited
  • Many standard exercises are not presented

Lots of people are in need of a good solution for conveniently creating to-do lists and simplifying task management. Well, Google decided to provide us with the right tools and added special task lists to the Gmail service as well as Google Calendar. However, these aren’t mobile-friendly solutions, so you would hardly want to use them on the go.

Go Go Armadillo! can be a great game for children, and even adults may find it very enjoyable. It is a nice strategic puzzler for Android. The gameplay is focused on the main mission: to help a truly heroic armadillo rescue children that have been captured. You should use a simple sling shot to trample all the foes that are holding them hostage. You’ll meet quite a few obstacles along the way, but there will be helpers, as well. You can discover more info about the game in this concise review.


  • Really easy to play

Ignore No More can be used as a parental control tool for defiant children who often ignore their parents’ repeated text messages and phone calls. The app will definitely help you solve this problem. It should be set up on your child’s device to give you as a parent the ability to remotely lock the phone until your kid calls you back. If you have the problem of being ignored frequently by your child and you need a quick solution, read this review and you’ll find one!


  • A good solution for a serious problem between children and parents

GlowGrid is a really great puzzle game, that is simple to play. It’s really absorbing and unbelievably addictive. To give you a vague idea of what GlowGrid is like, we can compare it to a strange mix of a Tetris version in the neon retro style and a color matching game. Before you download it and start having fun, we recommend you read this short review.


  • 2 very challenging and different gaming modes

  • Awesome 80-ies synth soundtrack

  • Match 4 gaming in combination with progressively tough Tetris


  • Automatic gaming progress erasure after switching between gaming modes

The speed with which up-to-date apps for Android are appended to Google Play is astonishing, but even more astonishing is that to scan these new releases trying to find a necessary thing you have to waste a lot of time. Don’t worry – this hard work has been done for you, so enjoy these two best apps for now.

Yahoo News Digest

You want to be aware of the latest world news, but have you got time to scan hundreds of news sites to find all the circumstances of the story? The amazing app Yahoo News Digest collects the great articles each morning and evening and presents them in a plain format including information from numerous sources.

New games appear astonishingly quickly. To search for the one or two you really desire to install on your Android is highly time-consuming. Here are 2 best games we’ve hit upon for Android.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

This new game enlivens physics puzzlers with their pure fascination though this genre has practically disappeared. The aim of this game is to find and make free your Viking countrymen from ice barriers, atop dangerous cliffs, and other various and hazardous locations. To fulfill this task you have a powerful hammer and the aptitude to pass through the Arctic ices.