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Many diligent users don’t skimp when they need to back up their PCs, but how many of them can say the same about their mobile devices? Keeping a backup for a phone can feel like a needless chore – till disaster strikes. You install a low-quality ROM, your phone is stolen, or you drop it in a puddle. While Google backs up your Gmail, contacts, and calendars, a lot can be done to save the apps and settings. These Android backup apps will help you to keep all of your data safe.

Helium App Sync and Backup

Featuring flashy graphics and high-intensity firefights, shooting games refer to longstanding gamer favorites on every platform. Whether you prefer first-person shooters, or cartoon violence, the following list offers everything.

World of Tanks Blitz

This game brings heavy action to mobile gamers. It’s like playing a miniaturized version of its desktop brother. Players take control of Axis and Allied tanks from WWII as well as engage in 7-versus-7 shootouts across multiple maps. This free Android game shares the desktop version’s graphics, modeling almost anything from intricate tank details to shell physics, all while giving controls, which are natural for any touchscreen shooter and are intuitive.

Camera 360 Ultimate

This app comes packed with multiple features, shot modes, and filters, giving users plenty of quick-fire tools that let sprucing up the shots. A range of special effects and filters can be applied due to “Effect Camera”. The peculiar note is that selfie addicts are given “Selfie Camera” mode, which comes with a range of preset enhancements for producing visual ambience and skin tone to give you the feel and look you want for the self-portrait.

A Better Camera

Smartphone cameras have developed from only being convenient to high-powered enough to make amazing shots. But hardware doesn’t actually tell the entire story. Nowadays Android phone owners can choose from multiple camera apps, with such features as composition overlays, multiple shot modes, editing tools, steady shot helpers as well as post-processing special effects. Imperfect shooting conditions can easily be compensated by a quality camera. From feature packed premium options to free, lightweight tools, these Android camera apps are the best.

Google Camera

Android Lollipop – the newest, most sophisticated fruit of labor of Google’s developers – is already out and being used by actual people around the globe. Not too many people are trying it out at this point, though – so far, only some 3,3% of devices are running version 5.0. This modest percentage includes all of the Android devices that hit the app store Google Play during one-week period. Still, the growth indicator is quite good – about a month ago, the figure of Lollipop usage was standing at 1.6%.

How come the growth is so slow?

Android has been in a tough arm-wrestling match with iOS for years now. In an effort to win a bigger market share, this operating system, which is still considerably less popular than the one created by Apple, is being developed and improved constantly. What’s more, more and more phones are released each year running this OS. They come with different sizes, shapes, and feature sets.

Let’s take a little bit closer look at this stream of recently created handsets in order to determine which entries deserve to be in the limelight for this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Numerous games and apps are an amazing way to keep your children entertained with educational and fun activities, interactive apps and games. Moreover, you can install parental monitors and custom sandbox applications to make sure your phone is used properly. These wonderful Android apps will keep your phone safe while allowing your children to enjoy themselves.

Kids Place (Free)

This custom application launcher makes a sandbox environment to play in, which is filled with the desired apps. In addition to letting you specify applications, Kids Place keeps out installations of other apps as well as blocks various in-app purchases. The app features a timer to limit the use of the device. Numerous profile support allows parents to create various custom environments.

To keep your kids entertained you may use numerous apps and games, which are not only funny, but also educational. These 3 Android apps deserve checking out.

PicsArt Kids (Free)

It’s a fabulous doodling and drawing application for your kids. In addition, it offers diverse activities for kids as well as their parents to do together. For example, a coloring book mode loaded with dozens of various templates to color in and a learning mode full of mazes shapes as well as scenes to be added onto a blank canvas. PicsArt Kids has a range of colors and simple brushes to play with. When your work is done, save it into a gallery.

We usually do so much on our smartphones at the same time that multitasking between multiple apps is considered to be almost a must. For different reasons, we constantly need to switch from one application to another, or combine app usage with Android settings tweaking.

If right now multitasking between different activities on your device seems to be painful and slow, here are a couple of amazing solutions. They can certainly make it all better for you.

1. Swapps

One thing users absolutely love about Android is all the freedom it gives people with the help of its unique open-source identity. Many developers are putting the effort into creating stunning applications that can actually push the device to work smarter. For example, there are quite a few apps automate boring, menial, repetitive (yet essential) tasks, thus making the life of a user much, much easier.

Here is a list of the best Android applications providing handy shortcuts, triggers, configurations and rules to allow you to get the most out of your Android smartphone.

1. SkipLock