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The DIY community considers Raspberry Pi to be one of the most affordable and open single-board computers (SBC) today. Though, Pi that costs $25-35 has one significant drawback – it is not able to pack lots of power and it is based on ARM architecture. All these limit the Raspberry Pi’s usefulness. That’s why Intel continued to perfect its product and has recently announced its new iteration of x86-based SBC that is called MinnowBoard Max. This device is exactly what micro-PC junkie needs.

Snake Survivor is a cool app that uses the concept of the popular retro game Snake and adds a twist to it. The primary goal remains the same – you should do everything in your power to make sure your snake eats various items in the field and lasts long without biting itself. In Snake Survivor, you also have to protect the reptile against little creatures trying to thwart your efforts. Unique gaming controls in the app make the game different from the original, too.


  • An interesting twist on a classic game


Skype is such an awesome app that it is typically one of the first applications that people install on their new Android phones. No matter what device you have, a tablet PC or a smartphone, you will certainly benefit from using this VoIP service. It lets you connect through chat, video and voice with other users worldwide absolutely for free.

Now that you see why Skype is so great to have on your device, let us move on to the installation process.

Method #1 Google Play

Contacts Ultra is a great app that helps you make your e-mail experience more visual with message history and statistics provided for all the important contacts that you communicate with daily.


  • Brief message history
  • Statistics for important contacts
  • E-mail CRM


  • Complicated set-up
  • Only Gmail
  • Inconvenient disconnects
  • Lack of continuous improvement


Right from the start we should warn you that Contacts Ultra only works for keeping up with your e-mail contacts. There is one more major restriction – no other mail systems but Gmail are supported. Lack of features like phone calls, chats and SMS is also noticeable. Still, the app is not too shabby. If you mainly communicate with people via Gmail, it may even be perfect for you.

If you have decided to switch from an Android smartphone to a new iPhone, this is a pretty good choice. However, if you have already been using the former phone for a long enough time to accumulate a good-sized file library and lots of apps, you may be concerned about how to make the change as painless as possible.  

Today, we will help you switch to Apple and not lose any of your personal data.

Software needed: iTunes

We have all heard about iOS being the foremost objective of most software developers and owners. The reasons can be various, it may be high possibilities of app monetization. Though Android prevails numbers worldwide, and can slightly be called something 2nd to iOS. These two are fully distinct mobile platforms with entirely different approaches and philosophies to development of software.

Android is pretty much open source platform, based on Linux core, which boasts a plurality of devices. They aren’t bounded to tablets and smartphones. Android can use TV’s, notebooks, cameras, and refrigerators if needed. Opposite to iOS, which uses a pretty limited set of users devices, Android has a wider range of potential use. It is an open platform for innovating applications.

New tech is the catalyzer that brings the future to us. After some frustration with played out with the Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung wants to reacts a much sooner this time with Samsung’s following flagship.

Stories of a new Galaxy S5 had been made rounds on-line, and all profiteerings accented to the flagship making its debut at the Mobile World Congress of 2014. The next successor to the throne appears, and it was a wonder of sorts.


Google Play is a really popular app and many developers want to put their products there. If you have succeeded in doing so, you have several ways of using your application for money-making purposes. We will list the best option in a minute, but first we should point out something. Just remember that irrespective of the app type and category, you must work hard on creating a loyal client base to make profits. Otherwise, none of the existing techniques will work for you.

1) Add in-app purchasing

You know, in-app purchasing features greatly increase the chances of making your revenue truly substantial.

Rumors are one of the most widespread ways to get to know some information concerning the release of different hardwares, phones and their updates. Recently a new video has appeared that informs about the release of a new HTC One. The popularity of this device was already quiet high before its official launch.

This phone is surrounded by rumors and unconfirmed news that excite the users from around the world. It is said that the phone has two camera lenses, but they have different size and do not suit for 3D like HTC brand has done previously. The design of a phone is original with a lot of extra details on the front side such as quiet a large bezel, HTC logo plastered and on-screen buttons that are situated above it.

Разбор Google Glass на детали: простейшее устройство!
Google company has distinguished itself by the promise to release an update each month. But February was a month that didn’t meet any innovations. It turns out that Google has shifted its promise to the next month. The first update to be fulfilled is to change the platform from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat. This update is long-awaited by users of Google glass as it reveals new opportunities.

Glass users criticized the delay of update by Google company and a lot of customers wondered why the manufacturer waited until the last moment to explain this deviation from the plan.  The update of Google Glass platform