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Go Go Armadillo! can be a great game for children, and even adults may find it very enjoyable. It is a nice strategic puzzler for Android. The gameplay is focused on the main mission: to help a truly heroic armadillo rescue children that have been captured. You should use a simple sling shot to trample all the foes that are holding them hostage. You’ll meet quite a few obstacles along the way, but there will be helpers, as well. You can discover more info about the game in this concise review.


  • Really easy to play

Ignore No More can be used as a parental control tool for defiant children who often ignore their parents’ repeated text messages and phone calls. The app will definitely help you solve this problem. It should be set up on your child’s device to give you as a parent the ability to remotely lock the phone until your kid calls you back. If you have the problem of being ignored frequently by your child and you need a quick solution, read this review and you’ll find one!


  • A good solution for a serious problem between children and parents

GlowGrid is a really great puzzle game, that is simple to play. It’s really absorbing and unbelievably addictive. To give you a vague idea of what GlowGrid is like, we can compare it to a strange mix of a Tetris version in the neon retro style and a color matching game. Before you download it and start having fun, we recommend you read this short review.


  • 2 very challenging and different gaming modes

  • Awesome 80-ies synth soundtrack

  • Match 4 gaming in combination with progressively tough Tetris


  • Automatic gaming progress erasure after switching between gaming modes

The speed with which up-to-date apps for Android are appended to Google Play is astonishing, but even more astonishing is that to scan these new releases trying to find a necessary thing you have to waste a lot of time. Don’t worry – this hard work has been done for you, so enjoy these two best apps for now.

Yahoo News Digest

You want to be aware of the latest world news, but have you got time to scan hundreds of news sites to find all the circumstances of the story? The amazing app Yahoo News Digest collects the great articles each morning and evening and presents them in a plain format including information from numerous sources.

New games appear astonishingly quickly. To search for the one or two you really desire to install on your Android is highly time-consuming. Here are 2 best games we’ve hit upon for Android.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

This new game enlivens physics puzzlers with their pure fascination though this genre has practically disappeared. The aim of this game is to find and make free your Viking countrymen from ice barriers, atop dangerous cliffs, and other various and hazardous locations. To fulfill this task you have a powerful hammer and the aptitude to pass through the Arctic ices.

iPhone apps are considered to be ideal-fit for companies. Moreover, if you are managing a small business, then developing Android apps will be the perfect choice for you. Here are several advantages that creating an Android app offers modest businesses:

Increase Your Business Reach

Nowadays, the majority of users choose buying a smartphone. Due to the fact that Android has the highest smartphone market part, then obviously making an app for this system will enable you to get a broad-ranging client base. Therefore, if your business site can’t receive adequate traffic, then creating a good Android application will definitely make your brand recognizable among people. Additionally, while users are moving towards apps from traditional websites for their computing requirements, building a high functionality and attention-getting app will attract users’ interests. This implies higher conversion rates.

No surprise that the Android watch-phone may be generating waves lately. What is so excellent about this watch-phone? Why is basically everyone talking all about it? Well, I offer you the idea why it is so. Here, straight and simple – a number of factors why your Android watch-phone is so amazing.

1. It comes through the world of Android: it is a serious reason by itself, taking into consideration the fact that the item provides the advantage of the powerful interface in addition to applications and software from the Google Play store. This is virtually all Android devices have.

The training in Android Application Development is a special course that is established for offering the students important knowledge and experience in creating software for mobile platforms. The hands-on education is useful for newbies and skilled developers for sensible Android code applications.

Android Application Training

The Android Application Training is a project-focused program on Android providing the mobile application development.

The program satisfies JAVA designers that look for a fast route to the Android API and finest practices. During the course of the program, the learners are assisted in developing a true application that functions as groundwork for further projects. During the course Eclipse and SDK are utilized as the environment for developing.