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Locale is a unique app that dynamically manages phone settings based on various conditions, including Time and Location. There will be different cases when you’ll find it really useful. For instance, would you like to forever forget about your ringer suddenly going off in the worst possible moment because you’ve accidentally set it to the wrong time? You can get rid of this bothersome issue by installing Locale!


  • Convenient and very smart way to manage your phone settings
  • Ability to create automated controls for phone settings based on contact, battery, location, time and orientation

ReShary is a wonderful app for those trying to stay active on social networks. Your networking activities in the application will be streamlined with this great tool that lets you discover awesome content, rate it and then re-share various animations and pictures to your own friends. They may range from hilarious memes to amazing feats. Additionally, it’s possible to upload your personal photographs and GIFs in order to get some attention on the network, if you’re into personal branding. Check out more info on the features of ReShary below.


  • Easy to use
  • Discovery of fresh content

Probably, the most amazing thing about Android is that its apps have more freedom if to be compared with those on iPhones.

Nowadays, most apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, though the most amusing Android apps are created exclusively for Android as they can do something Apple couldn’t allow.

You are guaranteed to become interested in something new that you’ll want to install on your Android.

HoverChat allows you to message without making a pause in what you’re doing.

Whether you are a mom or dad to be or a first-time, second-time dad or mom, having a baby demands a lot of work and planning. Fortunately, there are several amazingly useful apps for that! Surely, you aren’t going to replace yourself with diverse high-tech devices, though in between numerous hours spent on changing diapers, preparing bottles of milk, and putting your sweetie to bed, you may let use some help. Look at several amazing apps for new moms and dads and choose those you like.

My Baby & Me by Philips AVENT

Eardroid Anti-Theft is a very useful Android app-companion. Its creators succeeded at providing users with a really powerful suite of various text messaging and online tools for monitoring and also managing a stolen or lost phone. Read the full review below to see if this app can be considered a life-saver.


  • Doesn’t demand the Internet connection – works just fine via text messages
  • Provides powerful tools for remote monitoring and managing stolen or lost Android devices
  • Has a good potential to actually locate a device after you’ve lost it

Free Blackjack App is a cool new casino-style game that you can play on an Android device. It also works online as well as on iOS gadgets. It’s free for everyone and it doesn’t even require registering. When playing, you can use real-life gestures. Read this review and then download the app to see if you can win the house.


  • Bonuses, achievements and stats
  • Fun and very addictive Blackjack game
  • Play actions activated with both buttons and gestures


  • Not best optimization for phones – the version for tablets is far better

Shakespeare Slots is a new good-looking gambling app that features an impressive variety of cool casino-style slots themed around famous Shakespearean plays, including Hamlet, Othello, as well as Romeo and Juliet. The games are really fun and they offer tons of bonuses to keep you motivated to play. It’s free, but for avid gamblers it has an option to buy special coins with real money. If you like awesome slots with both easy and advanced levels, give Shakespeare Slots a chance!


  • Lots of themes to play
  • Addictive and fun casino slot games

OfferDat is a nifty Android app that simplifies selling and buying products. It lets you browse different items by category, search through them with a keyword, or list your own thing for sale. To get an idea of what it is, imagine a huge, all-encompassing garage sale in your pocket – this is close to what you’ll find in OfferDat.


  • List your own items for sale
  • Browse products for sale
  • Buy used things (or sometimes new ones) offered by other users


  • User experience isn’t top-notch
  • Incomplete sales flow


Full Tilt is not just another name of a company creating apps that nobody really remembers – it’s already a respected and well-known brand in the poker world, currently holding the fastest-growing poker-related website on the Internet. And you know, there’s a very good reason for this. Full Tilt are focused on delivering an excellent product. Their apps shine with high quality from start to finish.

For those who’re just hearing about the brand for the first time, Full Tilt has been an influential player in the poker gaming industry since 2004. The whole essence of their offering is to allow players to engage in an exciting head-to-head competition across a common platform. – Hostels can be very useful for booking and researching various hostels while you’re traveling. It lets you easily filter, search, and book different kinds of shared rooms using one convenient mobile app. This review will help you find out if the application is actually useful and whether it can become your best travel companion for a great trip.


  • Wealth of user reviews on different properties and general information about them
  • Browsing feature with a responsive map
  • Searching for hostels, filtering them and booking a room in a clean, simple design