Communicating From Services

Sometimes we need to get updates or data from our service to our activity/fragment in real time and then update the UI accordingly or perform some operation on the data received.We can accomplish this using below approaches- Pending Intent Communication between service and Activity can be done using PendingIntent.For that we can use createPendingResult() which … Continue reading Communicating From Services


Fragment lifecycle during Fragment transaction

The post covers what all lifecycle's methods of fragment are normally called during different cases of fragment transaction.It also covers the effect of setting setAllowOptimization()/setReorderingAllowed() to true on the lifecycle during fragment transaction.The method calls are listed in the sequence in which they are called as per latest appcompat version 27.0.2.Suppose two fragments A and B are there … Continue reading Fragment lifecycle during Fragment transaction

Integrating and Understanding SonarQube in Android

SonarQube is a platform to analyze code quality,security and reliability.It is a continuous inspection engine and offers reports on duplicated code,exception handling, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, potential bugs, comments , design and architecture etc. SonarQube supports 20+ programming languages.Plugins for some languages (C#, Java and, JavaScript) are bundled with the platform. … Continue reading Integrating and Understanding SonarQube in Android