Fragment lifecycle during Fragment transaction

The post covers what all lifecycle's methods of fragment are normally called during different cases of fragment transaction.It also covers the effect of setting setAllowOptimization()/setReorderingAllowed() to true on the lifecycle during fragment transaction.The method calls are listed in the sequence in which they are called as per latest appcompat version 27.0.2.Suppose two fragments A and B are there … Continue reading Fragment lifecycle during Fragment transaction


Integrating and Understanding SonarQube in Android

SonarQube is a platform to analyze code quality,security and reliability.It is a continuous inspection engine and offers reports on duplicated code,exception handling, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, potential bugs, comments , design and architecture etc. SonarQube supports 20+ programming languages.Plugins for some languages (C#, Java and, JavaScript) are bundled with the platform. … Continue reading Integrating and Understanding SonarQube in Android